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Good Gravy

No – I mean it! There are few things in life better than good gravy!! The kind of gravy that is sooo good it makes you wanna dish up more potatoes just so you can have more gravy! And, with the weather turning blissfully cool, that brings to mind Autumn cooking and…gravy – the biggest detriment to the human diet ever conceived. It’s true! With no gravy, who in their right mind would dish up stuffing AND mashed potatoes AND sweet potatoes AS WELL AS a third helping of turkey? Not too mention all those extra dinner rolls. Oh well. Diets are give and take at best. For example: You can give yourself two slices of chocolate cake for dessert, that way you take an even portion for each thigh, yes? *giggle*

Anyway…today didn’t start off daydreaming about gravy. It started off with a very sullen little 8 yr old who refused to get the helloutta bed!!! Making me so late that I didn’t have time to get any breakfast. So in the interests of time, I had to resort to vending machine food at work – *kak* – an option best avoided if at all possible. Daydreaming about gravy started when I looked outside and noticed how much like November it looks, what with the clouds all hanging grey and low and the temperature being a bit nippy. My kind of day. *big grin* No sun…no freakin’ heat waves, just lovely Autumn weather with a hint of rain on the breeze. Perfect. Now, all I need is a roaring fire, a fresh cup of SBC keeping my hands warm, and a copy of “P.S. I Love You” by Cecelia Ahern. Which further brings to mind the fact that this little book is shortly to become a movie! Yep. In 2008, this little gem will hit the screen starring none other than Hilary Swank! (LOVED her in “Insomnia”) Kinda makes me wonder if we can expect to see more Ahern in theaters!! I tell you…the romantic/comedy genre would only be enhanced by her offerings.

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