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The Life of a Paper Clip

Ever wonder about things like that? Meh, probably not…but I do. Poor little things. No night life…no boogie…certainly no disco ’round! They arrive at my office in their little cardboard prisions – packed in one on top of the other most uncomfortably…plotting their only revenge against their captors, i.e. tangling themselves impossibly together…and wait. The life of a paper clip is all about waiting. Wait on the truck, wait in the store, wait in the box, wait in the desk…horrible really. Then, their big moment! The moment they finally get to meet their stack of papers! The papers they were MADE FOR!!! Made to hold together and make sure they stay together! Oh what joy! What utter ecstasy!!

How long does this relationship with paper actually last though? A few fleeting moments? A few days lost in a stack of “to do’s” on some schmoe’s desk? Or do they enjoy eternal bliss with their charges inside the All Holy Filing Cabinet. I’m convinced it is the ambition of every paper clip to make it to the filing cabinet, for therein there shall be a place of no more rust, or bending, and certainly…no more need for tangling. All is orderly and peaceful.

Sadly though…the majority of paperclips are callously tossed aside, used cruelly and only briefly as temporary devices from one desk to another and another and finally~ when they have reached the end of the line…it’s either into the rubish bin or worse…*shudder*…the paper shredder!! DUNDUNDUN!!!! And then, there are those poor bass turds who are bent out of shape and used to scrape the crud out from between the keys of a computer keyboard, or worse…the crud under someone’s totally groady fingernails!! AAAAACK!!! The injustice of it all. It’s. Just. Shocking. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I was a little hard pressed for a topic today. Carry on! lol. xo


P.S. So…yesterday I mentioned “P.S. I Love You” (it came highly recommended by a friend of mine)…well, after work I zipped out and bought it. I’m already a couple of chapters into it and I just have to say…run, don’t walk…RUN out and get this book. Really well done, intriguing storyline (if somewhat heartbreaking *snif*) and so far, a terrific read!

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