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I was just thinking…

…about a day last January when I was walking down Glasgow’s Buchanan Street. It was cold, but not bitingly so, a little overcast with a bit of that post-Christmas-ish-ness still hanging in the air (you know…that ‘I wish Christmas was in two weeks instead of two weeks ago…now I really have to stop procrastinating and take down my tree before a fire occurs’ kind of feeling). LOTS of sales…in EVERY window and so, of course, I was doing my part to support the tourist trade – I was doing the unthinkable…I was actually *shudder* shopping. But truth be told, shopping in downtown Glasgow is na-huh-thing like my local maul (and yes…I spelled that right. If you think about it, your local ‘mall’ is very likely a maul too, lol). There’s just something indescribable about walking around down those streets…the open air? The freedom of knowing I didn’t have to be ANYWHERE at anytime? Ya…the more I think about it, the more it was the feeling of total freedom. *sigh* Sitting here at my desk in mid-August is really making me miss that time…and even though it was only 9 days…still…it was 9 days of heaven.

So, I was walking down the street (having just turned the corner from Bath Street) and I hear the oddest and most unexpected sound in the world floating on the morning breeze…it was the jubulant ear teasing sounds of a live street band. I followed the strains a good way down to where Buchanan meets Citizen Lane and there they were…set up right in the middle of Buchanan. They were having a ball! Jumping around, really playing it up – even trying to get people to dance…but the bystanders were having none of that! lol! It was about that moment that I recognized the song…and it was about the moment after that that I was laughing so hard at the shear irony (I’m a BIG fan of irony, lol) of that song that I just about fell over. Who would expect to hear, in the dead of winter, in Scotland, played to it’s peppy upbeated hilt: “Summertime”. Not me, that’s who! LMAO! And they were GOOD!

There are about 3 places you MUST visit in Glasgow (in no particular order):

  • The Old Sofa in Starbucks on Sauchiehall Street (far too comfortable to be legal, I’m sure – I’m still looking for a replica for my living room),
  • MacGregor and MacDuff Kiltmakers shop on Bath Street (you remember the one…don’t cha Mel!! *snicker*) – just make sure your visit corresponds with Burn’s Nite or other major kilt-requiring event,
  • and, oddly enough, the corner of Ingram & Queen Street – especially around 10:30 am on a Sunday. This is perhaps the best spot for people watching I found the whole time I was there. *grin*

And people can be REALLY amusing when they think no one is looking – THAT is inherent to any country. lol!

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