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So, alright…you know how your day can just go completely down the crapper…and all you wanna do is hole up under your goose down comforter with a bag of cookies? Well…that’s me today. Why you ask? Well…it’s at this point that I remind myself this is a public journal and that not only can just anyone read it…but my Mom can too *hi mom! – smoochies *, so, whatever I choose to divulge in this forum will undoubtedly come up at Thanksgiving which ain’t THAT far away. And at any rate…it’s not that interesting…but when this kind of random-ness is blowing through my mind, I find it positively therapeutic to at least mention I’ve had a craptacular day…but that all changed when…

I took a detour on the way home to the local Hollyweird Video store (ya…you read that right…HollyWEIRD ’cause it is! For starters…it’s the only place I’ve been to in a 30 mile radius that inSISTS on playing the most horrific muzak available. Have you ever heard technomuzak? *shudder* I do believe they use it to break prisoners of war into false confessions…I usually leave that place with a twitch. Why do I go there? Because the movie selection is decent, it happens to be directly on the way home, and the people watching is off the charts hilarious. People will wear ANYTHING to a video store!! It’s true…I’m digressing again…apologies) ANYWAY…as I was saying, I slipped into the local Hollyweird and lo – theyeth were having-eth a dvd sale! And the clouds parteth-ed and I was showered with a multitude of amazing (albeit 95% B-flick) choices of DVDs. It was buy 2 get 2 free – can’t beat that with a stick! DVD’s average out to about $3.79 at this rate (or, the same as renting the damn things)!!! Colour me happy…I’m a major movie buff. *grin*. The only problem therein…is FINDING 4 movies I want. So, the search was on.

34 minutes and several rounds of the store later…I had only 3 movies with a 4th on the maybe list. “Sahara” – cute, worth a repeat, “Bridget Jones’ II” – ALWAYS a major esteem builder because if she can f*ck things up that badly and STILL walk away with Colin Firth…well, I’ll say no more, and “Walk the Line”. Two words: Buy It. Fabulous movie, it’ll tear yer guts out…but you’ll love it just the same. At this point, I was stuck. Just stuck. If I couldn’t find a 4th movie, my averages would be off and it would suck. So I kept digging and about five minutes later…I hit freakin’ GOLD!!! I found “The Big Tease”.


I can’t be the ONLY person who hasn’t found this little gem can I? I wouldn’t surprise me…but seriously…BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Okay, okay…now…think “Spinal Tap” meets Vidal Sassoon – then you might get the basic gist of it. All I could think of was what amazing ammunition to use on the guy if ever I’m famous enough to warrent a guest appearence on his show. LMAO!!! Have to say though…it really capped off my day. Made me laugh outloud more than once and of course, he’s just so cute you have to LOVE IT. Favourite quote: “Just something I threw together. I call it… Braveheart meets Liberace-Bravache!” (lmao!) Definitely a must rent.

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