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What a difference…a day makes…

…twenty-four little hours…brought the sun and the flowers…where there used to be rain…

Ya, so yesterday sucked…but today is shaping up pretty good. Just grabbed a mondo cup of coffee that has the very optimistic wording of “GOOD MORNING” embossed around the circumference of it…so…here’s hoping.

More later…



So, here’s a question: Why is it that when men sneeze, the ENTIRE room needs to know about it? I mean there is nothing genteel about a man sneezing, is there. And the sneeze itself is a HUGE advertisment that HEY!! LOOK AT ME! I’M SNEEZING – and LOUDLY ’cause I’m a MAN! At least that’s the way it seems to me…working in an office with ALL MEN…and it’s a fairly close in here…some days closer than others. *shudder*

The worst offender is FIG. Now, FIG may be a new concept to some, so let me explain. FIG = Freaky Intern Guy. About a year ago we took on a Freaky Intern Guy who more or less did and at times still does freak the sh*t out of me – by being at the office at least a half hour ahead of everyone else only to sit in total darkness with only the eerie glow of his computer monitor for company (I showed up early one day…creeped me out in a very “The Shinning” kind of way) among manymanymany other instances of basic weirdness. Things have mellowed a bit though and he doesn’t seem half as weird as he did last year. BUT – one thing remains the same…the way the man sneezes. *groan*

I kid you not, he starts by grabbing the edge of his desk (the big sign he’s got one comin’), rears back and goes. “AAAAAHH-CHOOOIE!!!” (yes…he actually says “chooie”) But WAIT! There’s more. He always seems genuinely disgusted that he has had to sneeze and follows up the performance with an encore of “gggggrrrrUUUNN-UUNT!” And it’s been getting progressively worse I’ve noticed. Used to be a short grunt…now it’s punctuated at the end with emphasis on the “unt” followed up with an “ahhhhhh”. Hurts so good, don’t it.

Now, we’ve hired a new guy – and he is equally forceful. BTW, neither seem to favour the use of Kleenex *shudder* and I’m sure you can just imagine the twitch I walk outta here with being somewhat germ-phobic (not OSD germ-phobic, just “keep-yer-DNA-to-yerself” germ-phobic). And since the new guy showed…they sneeze in freakin’ stereo. *sigh* Thank heavens for the sheet of glass that separates my office from theirs. Sadly, it does nothing to muffle the sound. In fact, I think it adds some reverb.

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