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And so it begins…

…Soccer Season, that is. First of all, I’m up waaHAY too early on a Saturday because we have jamboree (team placement) this morning. My oldest got herself invited to a fantastic team…and now they are having their pre-season playoff for ranking.

So, while you’re in your nice warm jammies, sipping your coffee in your nice warm living room watching cartoons (as I usually am – though I still mourn the cancellation of Earthworm Jim…why? WHY?!? And alas, no more Freakazoid either. I can still sometimes find Pinky & the Brain…sometimes…), I will be sitting in a blanket, on a cold, wet field sipping cold coffee and picking at a chocolate muffin. Did I mention it’s raining today?

I am excited and very proud of my girl though. She’s a firecracker on the field. I just get so tense watching the game though!

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