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“I’m…flying so high…high off the ground…”

“Flying High” by Jem: One of my very favourite songs and also happens to be a video a great friend of mine created to one of my very favourite movies (“Dear Frankie”). You can see her “Flying High” video here: “Flying High” {video no longer available}. All that to say…today is exceptionally good for several reasons which are probably too boring to mention *wicked grin*…but one of the best reasons is that the soccer ranking went very well yesterday – in spite of the cold and the wet (fortunately the rain decided to go back to bed, even if I couldn’t). They won three, tied one and lost two (and not by much) so, looks like they are lined up for decent ranking – we’ll find out officially on Tuesday. *grin*

The only thing that was not exactly wonderful was I’d forgotten any sweetener for my coffee…and I’m sorry, I’m a horrid coffee snob – I want it the way I want it. Simple as that. So, instead of losing the primo parking space that was so hard won by stalking the parking lot for no less than 15 minutes, I hoofed it over to the local espresso shop which just so happened to be a mere two blocks from the field. And I have to say…I highly appreciate the quality of coffee in my town. We have several very good independent shops with such wonderful amenities as broken-in sofas (and they don’t seem to smell a bit funny which is a plus), fireplaces, large windows for people watching addicts (like myself), a wide assortment of high quality, fresh baked scones etc., and hand mixed Mexican chocolate in stock (ALWAYS the best differentiator between a fabulous espresso shop and a sort-of-ok one…i.e. a Starbucks who uses Hershy’s chocolate and cinnamon syrup *gag*, but that is a different column altogether!).

So after I returned from my Mexican mocha trek, I sat under my blanket and watched my daughter sprint all over the field (well, half the field, she played defender and goalie…she is a superb goalie) for the next four hours…sort of. They had 45 minute breaks between games so, a little time to recover and omg….did they ever descend on the Costco pack of muffins we brought! lol. You’d have thought these girls hadn’t been fed in a month! lol! I did manage to sneak out half a chocolate one (and half is about the size of two regular muffins…ya, I was bad, lol) which of course was perfect with my Mexican Mocha. I did, however, have my mocha made with soy soooo…I’m thinking it all evened out in the end somehow.

And, not to change the topic too abruptly…but here we go, I have an amazing movie recommendation and oddly enough, it comes from the same production company as the up and coming “Butterfly on a Wheel” (which we are all eagerly anticipating I’m sure – I’ve got a wicked bit of a pre-movie trailer that I’m under wraps to not release until after ColoradoCON here in a few weeks. Have you any idea how difficult it is to NOT post a video?!? EXCRUCIATING – but a promise is a promise…). I swear, before that movie I was utterly ignorant of the amazing Independent Movie genre and ever since, I have been seeking out these cinematic gems…and I have yet to be disappointed. Case in point, my recommendation: “On a Clear Day”. Such a surprising, wonderful, uplifting story…and it really grabs you and pulls you in, though in a very gentle and unassuming way. It’s on my “buy it” list now…I loved it.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I’m off to finish up the laundry. I know you’re so envious.

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  1. Lanie
    September 12, 2006 at 3:21 am

    Kara, you are so sweet to link to my old video! MWAH! I just listened to that song in the car today, and I can’t help but think of my video when I hear it now. Thanks!

  2. September 13, 2006 at 4:33 pm

    Anytime! :D

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