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Just so’s you knows…

…I’m all for saving the trees. I think it’s very important that there be enough trees to cut down in there future as there are now. And I think it’s important to express one’s opinion…but not to the point of utter stupidity…which I see a lot of here in Oregon State…yes, I’m talking about the hardcore Environmentalists…Lord love’em, lol. They have been a very consistent source of entertainment for me these many long years.

Case in point: This actually happened a long time ago, but it’s still hilarious to me. A local maul (still the correct spelling for ‘mall’ on my column, *snicker*) announced a big upgrade…and therefore needed more parking space…which required some tree removal…which sparked a huge debate about greedy corporate America and their incessant need for more, more, MORE!!! So one of the activists decided to protest (a wholly worthy endeavor and I completely support their right to do so) by climbing into one of the 50’ pines on the maul property in order to prevent it from being cut down.

Sadly, he wasn’t in it for long…somehow he managed to fall 35’ from the tree to the pavement – ouch! And you know something, I think he might have had a really good chance of making a statement…were it not for the fact that the tree he climbed was slated to be saved in the first place.

  • Greedy Corporate America: 1
  • Uncoordinated Environmentalist: 2…broken bones…and 1 very red face.

And now, a Deep Thought by Jack Handy: “If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time…for no good reason.”

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