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A fun prank…

…for a victim WITHOUT a heart condition. *wicked grin*

Okay…you’re on a road trip.  It’s been a long, annoying haul because your travel-mate has been doing his regular “I’m so good at every road game under the sun and you suck!  SUCKS TO BE YOU” bit and you’ve just had it.  You called the last “GREEN-BUGGY!”, but no…he won’t let you have it because it was more of a puce than a plain ol’green which makes you a) wonder if he’s secretly gay and b) wanna get him and get him good.  There is one way…it’s mean, it’s fabulous, and you will have to buy him many beers before he gets over it…but you will laugh your ass off every time you think about it…

Here’s the deal:

  • Your passenger must be sitting in the passenger front seat and must be completely, utterly, droolingly sound asleep.
  • When your victim is in said repose, you must find a semi-truck that just so happens to be towing a semi.  Ever seen this? Basically it’s a Siamese-semi situation…if you were to follow a semi being towed, you would in effect have a full view of the front grill of the semi being towed.
  • So, what you do next is to position yourself directly behind this semi…a nice comfortable distance…but fairly close.  This will give you the afformentioned front-grill view.
  • Then, and be prepared for flailing limbs from the other side of the car, then you SCREAM as loud as you can.

Passenger wakes up, sees the grill of a semi truck…apparently coming at him…and promptly freaks the sh*t out.

Like I said, not a nice prank…but one you’ll laugh about for YEARS!!!!   Go ahead…ask me how I know…bwahahahahahah!!!!

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  1. September 23, 2006 at 7:49 pm

    MWAHAHAHAAAAA! You’re such a maniac, and I LOVE IT!!

    I *so* have to try that one on hubby!

    (Wha…? you didn’t know I was a maniac too? :0P)


    • September 25, 2006 at 7:07 pm

      But of course you’re a maniac! Why do you think we get on so well? ;D

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