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I’m gutted.

Help me out here…if you were me and you were at yesterday’s Oregon vs Oklahoma game at Autzen Stadium…and it had come down to the last 4 minutes with the Sooners leading the Ducks by 10 freaking points…and you just watched the Sooners intercept a pass and gain possession of the ball (again)…you’d have left early too, right? I mean, your choices are pretty clear cut: watch the Sooners finish off the Ducks and get caught in the crowds or…leave early, miss the crowds (not to mention the humiliation) and listen to it play out on the radio.

I could just cry.

So, we (along with about 20,000 others) left early. I console myself with that little fact…we were not the first ones out of the stadium, there were in fact MANY people who left with 10 minutes still on the clock! Even I know a turn around can happen in 10 minutes…but in 1? I know better now. Sadly, I can pinpoint the moment I lost faith. It was when Dennis Dixon’s pass was intercepted by OK’s Nic Harris. That sealed the deal for us. I admit it, I lost faith…and I am living in shame as a Duck-deserter (In my defense, however, we did stay to the very last agonizing second in last year’s USC vs UofO game…they beat us 43 to 33, and we were sitting in exit traffic for over an hour licking our wounds – not the best reward for having faith).

We had gotten to our car by the time the Ducks made the first of what would be two amazing touch downs. At 1:09 left in the game, we have just reached the freeway…convinced that no more touchdowns are possible, surely with a score of 33 to 27 (OK leading) we can tell ourselves ‘well, at least it was a good game AND we beat 45 minutes of exodus stress with the unsavory sounds of Sooners giddy giggling ringing in our ears’.

Did I mention that our seats were in the top of Section 36? Lol. We had a wall of red (excuse me, crimson) directly behind us and also to the left (clowns to the left of me, jokers right behind – here I am STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF RED, pardon me, I meant crimson)! But, I have to say…they were really great fans and were very (well, mostly) respectful. (If it were a ‘footy’ match somewhere in Europe, I’m told there would have been fences separating team fans with at least one, possibly two riots breaking out…so, all things in prospective, it was a great game to watch, even while listening to OK boo in our ears and verbally abuse the Ducks in general…clearly it was all in good fun. And the OK people behind us were kind enough to let us know that contrary to some opinions *coughcoughHUSKYOPINIONScough*, the Ducks had been very welcoming and friendly, and they were having the time of their lives. They also said that they ALWAYS root for us when we play USC. I thought that was very sweet! *grin*

Where was I…OH YES! 1:09 left in the game and we are on the freeway listening…incredulously. It was about the time we reached our exit ramp that the Ducks made YET ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN bringing the score 33 to 33!!! We almost drove into the ditch. My husband and I looked at each other and for a full 10 seconds we contemplated doing a U-ie back to the stadium. Of course, we knew it was pointless…the game would be over before we got there and just as we realized we were missing it…WE WERE MISSING THE BIGGEST TURN AROUND IN DUCK FOOTBALL HISTORY…the goal kick was proclaimed good and we were ahead 34 to 33…with only 21 seconds in the game.

There was only 2 seconds left in the game when Oregon called their last timeout (we had just pulled into a grocery store parking). We sat there listening (should have been watching it!!! ARGH!) as OK set up for the final play…a field goal attempt from the 44 yard line. We knew they were gonna make it, had to make it so we could justify leaving early *groan*. Then, the unthinkable happened. The field goal was blocked!!!!

So ya, today I’m gutted. I had free tickets to the single most amazing game of the season, and I left early. No better punishment I can think of for lack of faith. *sigh* I will NEVER. EVER. leave a game early again. EVER. Hard way to learn a lesson…geez.

It was a beautiful day for a game though…perfect weather…fabulous view…

Camera phone fun.  *wink*

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