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Up too early for a day off…

But, for a good reason.  It’s another soccer Saturday!  Good weather is promised by the sunshine pouring into the valley and though it’s a bit nippy, I’m still looking forward seeing my youngest running her heart out while smack talkin’ (third grade style) the other team.

 And I know ya’ll know what an art smack talkin’ is.  It’s practically required for any sporting event.  In third grade, it goes something like this:

“HEY!  Buttbrain!” 

“Ya? Monkey-breath?  WHAT!” 

“Bet I can find a four leaf clover before YOU can!”



And so on. 

Actually, my girls are both VERY serious about “footy”.  My youngest is a champion goalie (dives face first into the pack of kicking legs to get the ball!) and my oldest is an amazing attacker (should’ve seen her last week – shes one of the youngest on her new team and you know, you just can’t really see the difference between fifth grade and sixth better than on a soccer pitch. But, she’s still fearless -even though she’s a full head-and-a-half shorter than everyone on the field).  But I would say these things…I’m their mother.  *grin*

I’m off.


Update: 12:30pm

Well…even though they put in a steller performance, they still lost.  First game, new team…gotta work the kinks out.  It would be nice if the coach freakin’ COACHED though!!   (shake it off…just shake it off…)  OKAY.  All better know. 

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  1. Kai
    September 26, 2006 at 9:19 am

    Sorry to hear they lost. I love your blog and reading your thoughts. So much so that when and the big word is WHEN…I get my site up and running…I am going to try my hand at blog writing. Probably not as spunky as yours but more a look at life over 50! ha-ha-ha! Love your photos too…are you teaching Photoshop 101 classes along with Vegas 101 classes any time soon??? *wink*wink*
    Kai (smiley face)

  2. September 27, 2006 at 10:46 am

    Whoa! You canged them since I was here last time, you sneaky thing! :0P

    Love the colouring, BTW. You have gorgeous girls!

  3. Blu
    September 28, 2006 at 8:52 am

    Ya…I changed it Sereenie…I’m what is commonly known as a ‘Serial Editor’. hehehe. My oldest has a game tonight and so hopefully I’ll get a couple of shots of her up this week. And thank you! I keep telling them how pretty they are, but they don’t wanna hear it from “MooOOOOoom!!!” lol.

    Thank you Kai!!! Yeah!! You’re gonna start a blog too! :D I’d be very happy to help any who’s got questions…the best website of tutorials I’ve ever run across though is http://www.escrappers.com. FABULOUS and it comes in French AND English!! Can’t beat that!

  4. Kai
    September 29, 2006 at 12:36 am

    Oh merci beaucoup mon ami!!! J’adore une website. C’est fantastic!
    okay enough french cause that’s all I know. :) Great website…can’t wait to have some more time to play!


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