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Yep…my oldest found herself crumpled on the ground after having collided with one of the other team – and she may or may not have broken her left arm.  *sigh*  She is so bummed.  They have a big away match this Saturday and she really wanted to play (of course, we will still be going to game!).  This is what happens when you are the smallest on the team…doesn’t help much that she’s also completely fearless and dives right into the oncoming defensive line with pretty much no thought except which crack can she slip through.  Turns out this time, there just wasn’t one *chuckle*. 

She’s a brave girl.  We went for x-rays and they are inconclusive so to the specialist they go while my girl waits with a soft cast/splint thingy and a sling.  I happen to know though she is secretly thrilled about having an injury.  She was busy trying to find a decent Sharpie to tuck into her sling so all her friends could sign her ‘cast’ at school today.  And she’s got a pretty good ‘war story’ to tell as well…nothing better than reliving the drama.  LOL!

Even though we left the game early for x-rays, we did find out that our team killed’em 4 to nuthin.  THAT made all of us happy.  *grin*

I haven’t put up a picture of my brave girl yet…so, here she is – all 10 years of her.  It goes way too fast and I know everyone said so when I had her, but cheese and crackers!!!  I really had no idea it would go THIS fast.

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