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10 Reasons…

  1. they think they’re better than everyone else – everywhere (they remember what it was like to be worshipped…they crave to be worshipped still).
  2. they hold grudges – forEVER!
  3. they observe people seemingly with “no-emotion” (<<<not my observation, but a good one nonetheless! TY J!) and that’s just creepy!
  4. they appear in manymanymany Stephen King novels and never in a good light.
  5. they’re sneaky.
  6. they are postmortem predators – *shudder* (when they watch you sleep, it’s not because they adore you, they’re checking to see if you’re still breathing).
  7. they hate traditional baths and yet always seem to be clean…hmmmm…
  8. they don’t fetch.
  9. they actually prefer the taste of their butts to the food we provide for them (ungrateful brats).
  10. they never miss an opportunity to “love us” by threading themselves around and through our legs as we try to walk across the bloody room!

 These are just 10 Reasons why I really don’t care for CATS!

 And now, a Deep Thought by Jack Handy:  “It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.”

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