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Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday…

Apparently, there will be a Tractor Parade in downtown Seattle at 1pm today.

I’m sure you can imagine that this is quite out of the norm.  After all…downtown Seattle looks like this:

Downtown Seattle

And it is hardly the obvious venue for something like this:

Which, of course, is rather the whole point.  This is all in support of Measure I-933 and should prove to be quite the spectacle come lunchtime today.

*ahem* – In other news…I now have a cell phone that barks.  And I’m quite happy with it as my other cell was on it’s last legs and did not have the ability to learn how to bark.  My dear husband loved my barking phone so much that he taught his new phone to bark as well and I said to him, “But, but…how will we tell the two apart when they rin…I mean, ‘bark’?!?”  He says, “You mean you don’t speak dog yet?”  After about a 3 second blank stare from my uncomprehending eyes, he continues with, “My phone is clearly saying ‘GETITGETITGETIT!’  While your phone is instead saying, ‘HEY!  PAY ATTENTION TO ME!'”  Yes…I see his genius now.  Two barking phones courtesy of our beautiful and sassy girl, Lucy – without whom life would be just a day to day thing…instead it’s a day to day thing with hair everywhere, dog toys all over the house (damn dog NEVER picks up after herself), and 4 bark alarms that “THERE’S A CAT!!!!” or “SQUIRREL!!!” or well, really anything that moves.  I love that dog.  *grin*

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