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In the car, on the way to the grocery store, from the mouth of my 8 year old: 

“Hey Dad?”

“Ya Sweetie?”

“Where’s yer ‘hoochie-mamma shield’?”

“My WHAT??!”

“You know, yer wedding ring!”

“OH! I forgot it.  Why do you call it a ‘hoochie-mama shield’?”

“Well…what else is gonna keep all the ‘hoochie-mamas’ away from you but yer ring?”

Not sure what he had to say to that (I wasn’t there for it) – but her comments usually leave us with our mouths in a big ‘O’ like a fish that’s just been landed!  I swear I don’t know where she gets it!  I think I can blame it on the school yard – ya…that’s pretty convincing!

I think I need to start a book of sayings.   At the rate she’s going, we might be able to use it to send her to college!  LMAO!!!

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