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Can you smell it yet?

That wonderful wafting of holiday glee is drifting in the air.  Not exactly a turkey smell, not exactly a cinnamon…it’s more of an ‘igetfourdaysinarowoff’ kinda smell.  Yep…short timers, I’ve got it bad.  Just wanna pack up and head home early today.  I’ve got a bird to defrost, potatoes to mash, a couple’a pies to bake and eggnog to ‘break in’, lol.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day parade outta be interesting, what with the 30mph gusts of wind whipping through the high rises in New York City.  Sadly, this means no balloons this year.  *pout*  I love that Snoopy balloon.  I can live without the Pokemon…very easily.  But we’ll still be watching it with our mini-Cinnabons and blankies in front of the fire place while the turkey is roasting and the rain splatters against the window panes.  It’s gearing up to be a blissfully stormy day here in Oregon tomorrow as well…maybe even some lightening!  Could be fun.  Someday I’ll have to invest in either solar panels or a gas generator so I won’t have to worry about the power going out on me while I have a 17 pounder cooking away and $150 worth of food stashed in the fridge that could potentially go to waste if the electricity takes a dive.

Anyway…hope you have a very relaxing and wonderful Thanksgiving.  And just remember…it’s not the size of the wishbone that counts, it’s how you break it. *wink*

Happy Thanksgiving!

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