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I shouldn’t have…

…but I did and I’m hoping the 1 hour workouts I’ve started to do every morning (well…most mornings – not THIS morning…but most) will counteract the fact that I had ice cream for dinner last night.  Nothing like Neapolitan – vanilla/chocolate/strawberry.  I grew up calling it Napoleon ice cream…but what kid didn’t?  At least I knew who Napoleon was, however, I always thought it was odd he had an ice cream flavour named after him.

ANYWAY!  It’s Christmastime…obviously.  I mean, if the eggnog lining 50% of the shelves in the dairy cases of every local grocery store wasn’t the biggest giveaway, then certainly the annoying holiday car commercials yelling at us at every commercial break would be enough to tell everyone (“HOHOHO! MERRY CAR-CLEARANCE!!” *gag*)…it’s finally Christmastime.

But on to the good part of Christmas…my daughters and I have spent the last couple of nights making gingerbread trees, angels, and women (because we don’t have a gingerbread man cookie cutter…just a girl-one.  I’m not sexist, honest!).  Now…until this week, I’d never made gingerbread anything so it’s been a lot of fun and I have to say, the house smells heavenly!  Nothing like rolling dough in unison, to the beat of “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” and simultaneously watching an annual classic:  “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” THE ORIGINAL animated special (*rant alert* -not the overly glittery, horrifically altered and obscenely mutilated Universal Studios version – my apologies if you liked the movie– which rampaged all over the US back in 2000 shattering a sacred tradition of jammies, hot cocoa with itty-bitty marshmallows, and pillows piled up on the floor while watching the perfect-since-I-first-saw-it-back-in-1970something original “Grinch” and singing very loudly “You’re a MEAN ONE! Mr. Grinch!  You really are a heel!…”  I mean, how can anyone top that?  Why try?  Nobody, not even Jim Carrey, can sway me to the newer version – though I must say he did a bang up job of it.  Who (<<<HA!  Look!  I’m so PUNNY! *snort*) else but ol’Jimmy could make his face go in so many varied directions?  At the same time?).

Tonight, we decorate all of our gingerbread cookies and I’m ashamed to say I’ll probably need to buy more spiced gumdrops.  It was a small bag anyway.  And spiced gumdrops ARE my favourite!  And I didn’t even eat them all in one sitting…entirely.

P.S.  Thanksgiving sucked.  But that’s another post altogether.  *wink*

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