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10 reasons…

1. the smell.
2. the screaming children running riot all over the place.
3. the fact that they single handedly wiped out the local mom & pop shops.
4. the crappy products all “Made in China”
5. the smell.
6. the parking lot that is always littered with McDonald’s wrappers and dirty diapers.
7. did I mention the smell?
8. the rude employees.
9. it freakin’ REAKS in there!
10. that fact that whatever it is I think I need, they never have it. It is the biggest store filled with nothing I ever needed and everything I never wanted.

10 reasons why I hate Walmart.

And now, a Deep thought by Jack Handy:    I Like this quote I dislike this quote“The difference between a man and a boy is, a boy wants to grow up to be a fireman, but a man wants to grow up to be a giant monster fireman.”

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