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In memory of a much loved friend…


Little Bonnie
July 15, 1999 – January 28, 2009
The awnryest, rooingest, pamper me-pamper me-pamper me-ingest, sweet little dog that lived with my Mom and Dad and Bella (the other sweet little dog).

Her favorite things in the whole world were carrots, apple, her walks with my Dad, laptime with my Mom and telling us everything about everything everywhere we all went.  Bonnie was full of life and lived a long and happy one until this morning when she quietly slipped away in my Mom and Dad’s arms.

God – Spelled Backwards 

by- Anonymous

When God had made the earth and sky, 
 The flowers and the trees. 
He then made all the animals, 
The fish, the birds and bees. 
 And when at last He’d finished, 
 Not one was quite the same. 
 He said, “I’ll walk this world of mine, 
 And give each one a name.” 
 And so He traveled far and wide 
 And everywhere He went, 
 A little creature followed Him 
 Until its strength was spent. 
 When all were named upon the earth 
 And in the sky and sea, 
 The little creature said, “Dear Lord, 
 There’s not one left for me.” 
 Kindly the Father said to him, 
“I’ve left you to the end. 
I’ve turned my own name back to front 
 And called you dog, my friend.

Rest in sweet peace little friend. And many hugs to my Mom and Dad, and Little Bella who will miss her most of all.

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