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Ummm…hate to state the obvious…but…

~first spotted at Movie Maven

According to a poll from The Daily Mail.uk, these six faces apparently possess the desired characteristics every British male wishes he had (in order: Hugh Grant, Daniel Craig, Orlando Bloom, Jonny Wilkinson, Ewan MacGregor, and Lewis Hamilton)


So, they took these six guys, threw them into a blender, hit frappe’ and this is what came out:


Look familiar?!?


I’m just sayin…

Of course, the irony is that he looks even MORE like Patrick Dempsey…who is a good ol’American, born in Maine, USA. LMAO!!


I love irony.  Mwahahahah! :D

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  1. moviemavengal
    January 31, 2009 at 10:03 am

    That’s really something seeing the pictures together! I still think he has lots of echoes of Hugh Grant, but with Ewan’s dimpled chin and jaw.

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