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Don’t just save a life…save a lifestyle. *gag*

Yep, this is exactly what Wall-street execs look like to us regular folks.  They don’t even have the good grace to be ashamed of themselves.  If ever a collective bitch-slapping session was in order, it’s now.  Check out this article and try to NOT puke three sentences into it:  Nobody needs an office decorated with greed

Note to John Thain:  $35,000 for a toilet!???  Exactly what makes YOUR shit better than MY shit?!?  Are you crapping out a freaking cure for cancer or something?!?  ‘Cause if you are, I could understand it.  HOWEVER, you can get a toilet for $308 from Home Depot which is good enough for the rest of us.  Unless, of course, you think your shit don’t stink.

Note to the rest of us:  EVERYONE’S shit stinks. 

I guess when one is blowing billions of dollars out ones ass, one needs a special toilet to collect it.

Sen Claire McCaskill (whom I give a standing ovation) truly says it best:

It’s as if, instead of pulling their executive heads out of their executive asses, they have proposed, researched and funded (with taxpayer money) a project to develop Rectal Scuba Gear so they can continue their asinine existence oblivious to the gathering mob outside.  If the firelight from the torches doesn’t get their attention, maybe the pitch forks driven into their front doors will.  Given their level of ignorance, I’m not getting my hopes up. >:(

*Ugh*.  That kind of stupid should hurt.

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