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“Every story ever written is just waiting to become real.”

Quick movie review:  Really fun little film, beautifully  presented with nicely acted roles.  I have to say, it is really nice to see Brendon Fraser on the screen again…he seemed to be missing except for a small role in “Crash” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” which seemed a bit campy to me.  “Inkheart”, on the other hand, is imaginative and fresh in the same way that “Stardust” is.  Falling well within the limits of fairy tale, “Inkheart” drags us out of the modern life and drops us into the turbulent existence of Mortimer ‘Mo’ Folchart and his daughter Meggie. Mo is what is known as a “silver tongue” and in this story, that means that whatever he reads aloud is brought out of the book he’s reading and into our world which makes for some very interesting twists and turns.

It is presumed that most know this movie was adapted from the book by Cornelia Funke.  Most of the time, it seems that books turned into movies just don’t cut it. “Twilight” for example, was great for the fans of the book series, however, if you went into the movie without any understanding of book or it’s overall tone, then you would have wound up like the couple in front of me when I went and saw it- laughing hysterically and eventually leaving 1/2 through. Not that I blame them much. I’d read the entire series and still found myself burring my face in my hand  (a.k.a. *face/palm*) silently chastising the director. “NOnonoNOnonoNO!” The ‘running scenes’ – abysmally campy. The ‘near-death scene of Bella’ – sorry, but I was giggling…she was crossing her eyes!! LMAO! Whatever. It had it’s moments but unless you read the book, you were bound to think the characters were made of intensely dramatic cardboard stuffed into a story as thin as tissue made from the Angst Co. of Decorative Papers, while drowning in a cinematic sea of depressing blue. We get it!  They’re the “Cold Ones.”  At the very least Arizona, sunny hot state that it is, should have been filmed in bright golden hues.  It would have made the transition to overcast Forks, WA much more dramatic (as if the movie needed more drama, heh).  It was weird seeing gray cacti. O_o

Back to “Inkheart” – In this instance, I have the advantage of not having read the book, so I don’t know what’s missing from the original story.   However, what is presented is clear and strong with vibrant characters played by excellent actors (supporting roles boast Andy Serkis, Paul Bettany, and the ever elegant Helen Mirren). It has the ability to pull the viewer into it’s world allowing us to suspend reality, a pre-requisite for a good fairy tale, and live in the margins of the film experience even as we munch on our popcorn and sip on our colas. I loved it. My 10 year old, half way through the movie says “we’re buying this one right?” I think so. Lord knows I bought “Stardust” the second it hit the shelves. ;)  It is quite possible I will feel differently if I read the book though.

Rating: Quite decent. Worth at least one trip to the theater and a DVD purchase (previously viewed/used). Now, whether that’s four stars or 8 golden popcorns or 7 silver screens I can’t say…all I know is it was definitely worth the price of admission and I wouldn’t mind at all adding it to my own video library – ironic as that may seem. Heh.

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