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Charles G. Hogg turns carnivorous…goes after mayor’s hand.

We all knew that 2009 would be a rough one.  We also had a feeling there’d be six more weeks of winter.  Though with conflicting groundhog predictions it’s difficult to figure out just what is going on.


Charles “Chuck” G. Hogg of Staten Island did NOT see his shadow, but he did have a hankering for human and decided to take a bite out of Mayor Bloomberg.  Whether this was truly a foreshadowing of things to come or merely an act of retribution for being rudely woken up and denied coffee before being thrust into the glare of the camera lights, we may never know.  However, it must say SOMETHING that the mood of the groundhog was decidedly dark.


(Ya…I’d be nervous too there Mikie.  This is what happens when a groundhog has a diva complex. )

Though, could be darker forces at work here because it is reported that Punxsutawney Phil DID see his shadow and has therefore said “6 more weeks of winter”!  The only thing I can make out is that it would seem Chuck is trying to dethrone Phil to become THEE groundhog of the day.  And taking his actions into consideration, it’s obvious he will do anything to achieve his ends. Oh. The horror.

Personally, I think Chuck is just going for his “15 Minutes” a’la Brittany-style.  ;)

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