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Animoto.  Also known, in the world of NLE (non-linear editing),  as CHEATING! LOL!

Example 1:  My daughter

Even though Animoto isn’t actually “video editing”, it is a rather clever tool and for someone who doesn’t know how to use NLE software, Animoto is a really wonderful automated video editing service.  However, as is true with all services, this one isn’t totally free.  The bait is free (the 30 second videos), full length videos are gonna cost ya.  $3 for one video or $30 for an all access pass for the year.

On the plus side: These took me about 5 minutes each to upload photos, choose music (available on their site and is available for free under Creative Commons licensing), and get the video mixed/edited.

The bad thing is: All your videos will look exactly the same…well, not look exactly the same, but they feel the same.  That is to say; they will be edited in exactly the same style.  It’s a cool style, excellent for professional photographers who want to offer a slideshow viewing for their clients, but for any serious video hobbyist – it will get old.  Fast. Also, stills only – no video clips allowed.  ;)  (UPDATE 30JUL2009:  Video clips are now allowed!!!)

Example 2:  Here’s my other girl

Example 3:  And here’s one of me

See what I mean?  Same editing style.  Gets old fast…though, one nice aspect of this service is; if you don’t like the first version…you can just “remix it”:


It’s great if you’re in a hurry.  Not so great if you want ANY creative control…but for the newbie, a very good thing to mess around with and for the advanced editor, an awesome tool for when you want to create-something-right-this-very-second, but just don’t have the time/energy/concentration to put forth the required effort. ;)

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