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What does it mean…

…if I had a dream last night that I went with some friends to a baseball game and instead of watching the game, I spent the entire 3rd inning putting hot rollers into my hair?  And I start joking around with my friend that I hope I’m not spotted by the jumbo-tron…and then my friend catches a pop-fly and the jumbo-tron cameras zoom in on both of us and everyone sees me in my curlers?  Does that mean I have a fear of curlers? or pop-flies? or maybe I’m just feeling a little bit exposed because of the ‘screw you’ email I sent to LiveVideo.com last night.


Ya…I tried to upload a “see-ya later, I’m moving” video last night (not knowing how “offensive” such a video might actually be to LiveVideo) and they deleted it AND sent me a nasty email stating the reason for deletion was “miscellaneous”.  The email continued by warning me to “not upload anymore pornographic” or “hate filled” videos to their site (“anymore“? as if I have a history of doing such a thing, *snort*).  Now, I ask you…is this pornographic OR hatefilled?!?


Most definitely I am wound too tight because I was so mad over this stupidity that I nuked my LiveVideo page/ID there permanently.  See ya nev-uh suck-uhs!

A big THANK YOU to YouTube who seems to have absolutely NO problem with my little farewell video.  They rock!  and I’m not fully leaving the Tube – just keeping my videos here with me.


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