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10 Reasons…

Remember the rules?  No lookie at the linkie until you’ve reached the end.  ;)


1.    It might make me think…but what it makes me think is “boy…I bet they’re cold”.
2.    Also, I can’t help thinking about words like “crevices” and “paint” and “lodged” and “for days”.
3.    I can’t tell if it’s four guys and two girls or five guys and one girl…and really, what’s the point if someone like me is hung up on something that stupid.
4.    “Performance Art” should not be code for “get (mostly) nekkid”.
5.    Butt cheeks should not be used to portray facial cheeks.
6.    Because of the disturbing grin on the guy with the mustache (why is he the only guy with his hands behind him?  wait…I really don’t want to know).
7.    That might be Patrick Wilson standing on the left side of mustache guy.  Dude…so not a good career move if it is.
8.    Because I’m afraid this is real art and I’m the only one who doesn’t quite “get it”.
9.    Because it’s a bit over-the-top even for hardcore Obama-ites.
10. Because the creepy factor is overriding the cool factor by a margin of 1,348,132  to 1.

These are 10 reasons why I’m a little put off by this piece of performace art (link to article).

And now, a deep thought by Jack Handy:  “Sometimes life seems like a dream, especially when I look down and see that I forgot to put on my pants”

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