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Here’s a cool tool…

Say you saw “P.S. I Love You” and loved the idea of sending messages to your one true love AFTER you’ve breathed your last specifically to torment them with message after message of “Do you miss me now?”  help them move on with their own life…but you don’t know where to begin the torture?  

Potential Widow/Widower Torment Tool

FutureMe.org is here to assist you!  Actually, it’s set up so you can email your future self a la’ Dwight Schrute style, only in reverse.  And via email instead of fax. I guess they aren’t that similar…but ANY excuse to post a video from “The Office”…heh.  Anyway…this tool, I’m sure can be set up to send messages to your spouse if you can get access to his/her email for two minutes to intercept the ‘are-you-using-a-phoney-email-address-to-clog-up-our-servers’ verification email that FutureMe.org will send to make sure you’re legit and send the future message.  Once you’re verified, erase your tracks by deleting the verficiation email from your loved one’s email box (don’t forget to delete the deleted emails box too!) and you can send as many emails to your grieving widow loved one as you like.

Think of the fun she’ll have reading your messages of peace and comfort like “Boy!  Is it ever HOT down here!”  Plus…it’s free so, you can’t beat that. *wink*

Of course, you could use FutureMe.org for more traditional purposes like I did by sending an email to your furture self on December 22, 2012  just to prove to yourself that the whole Mayan calendar thing is all…ya know…bunk.  Not to mention Nibiru, the polar shift, the galactic alignment, or just the general demise of mankind.  *shudder*.  Keepin’ my fingers crossed! :D

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