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How does one witness this:
The “successful” atomic bomb tests in the Bikini Atoll, 1946

And then think this is a great idea:

Nothing says 'love from the oven' like annihilation on a plate.

(Pictured: Vice Admiral William "Spike" Blandy and his wife cutting the cake and Rear Admiral F.J. Lowry. They are celebrating the end of "Operation Crossroads".)

I am mystified…truly.   CLEARLY the hat is in poor taste!! *smirk*

I can hear them now:

Spike: “Yesterday I became Death, destroyer of worlds…now I am become cake…destroyer of waistlines.”

Mrs. B: “I wish I could get my frosting that stiff.  I wonder what they used…(I wonder if I can slip it into Mr. B’s coffee without him knowing it!)”

F.J.: “We-heh-hell…willya look at that!!  There’s TWO mushroom clouds in the room!”


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