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“Wunderkind” – That is gonna get old…fast, lol.

Jonathan Krohn: 13-Year-Old Conservative Wunderkind Wows CPAC, Joe The Plumber

Granted, Jonathan Krohn is not your average 14 year old, skate-boarding, Guitar Hero playing, punk just bouncing around existence for the heck of it.  This kid has accomplished more by the age of 13 (when he published his first book) then most people do in their entire lives…and he has a better grasp of conservatism than seemingly most people in the Republican party ever could have. 

Being on the cover of the New York Times is no small thing, neither is guest speaking at the  Conservative Political Action Conference.  

It must feel odd to attain the title of political pundit before attaining legal voting age…and yet, his voice is ringing out all across the nation in radio interviews, talk shows, blogs…etc. and people are listening.  Millie is right…better watch your back, David Keene.

As brilliantly familiar as Jonathan is with the ideology of conservatism, I hope he is equally familiar with the ideology of Spiderman:  “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Would that more in D.C. fully understood what Stan Lee was talking about.  

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