Today, as you know, is Friday.  It is also the 13th.  In my house…Friday the 13th is code for MOVIE MADNESS & MIDNIGHT MILKSHAKES (aka MMMM13)!  And we prefer cheese-a-rific Sci-Fi B-Flicks. *grin*

You put de lime in de coconut...put'em both togedder...

I take my girls to the store so they can pick out the ingredients for their special milkshakes…and when midnight rolls around…they are awakened by the sounds of the blender and the opening credits of a most excellent Sci-Fi B-Flick.   Then we all stay up until about 2 am making fun of our movie and when it’s over,  slink off to our respective beds to dream sugarplum visions of Mothra  and the Luminous Fairies and how they helped Godzilla defeat the evil Monster X (ominous lookin’ devil, isn’t he!).   A family holiday that is full of awesome! 

For our last MMMM13 (last month), we watched the 1980 release of “Flash Gordon” – an absolutely cheese-tastic movie if ever there was one.  My favorite scene was the ‘football fight scene‘ in which Flash shows everything he learned from The Capt. Kirk School of Hand-to-Hand Combat…and yet, he still manages to get kicked in the nutsack (not even Kirk had to endure THAT humiliation).  Sad to say, but he is no match for the red and gold goon squad whom I mistook for the USC Trojans.  Best part is when Dale turns into a cheerleader/aerobics instructor at 1:49, “Go Flash! GO!…Go Flash! GO!”  She must have special powers in them flappin’ arms of hers because it wasn’t until then that Flash flipped into football mode and took down the entire goon squad in superb bowling-style action (a total contridiction in images, I know).  This ain’t yer ordinary cheese…this is pure melted, two-foot stretchy, mozzarella cheesy goodness.

Look for some ornate, multi-colored Oompa Loompas at :54.  They are positively pastelicious!! LOL!

And for as long as we’ve been celebrating MMMM13, it never until now occurred to me that the OBVIOUS movie match-up would be pretty much anything in the archives of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  My girls have not a clue as to the delicious stupidity and hilarity coming their way tonight.  I can’t wait!  Here’s a little taste of tonight’s feature:  “Time Chasers” a la MST3000!

P.S.  Yes…I am aware of the irony of MMMM13…the fact that waiting until midnight actually makes it Saturday the 14th.  Oh well.  ;)

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