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*&@$&*#!!! Part II

Question:  How do you collectively slap 134,372,678 taxpayers across the face in one go?

Answer:  Ask Edward Liddy, he’s got the technique down cold.

"Revelations that billions of US taxpayer dollars were funneled through AIG to Goldman Sachs -- one of Wall Street's most politically connected firms -- and to European banks including Deutsche Bank, France's Societe Generale and the UK's Barclays was likely to stoke further outrage at the entire US bank bailout."

Sure…$165 million is only about 0.09% of the original $170 BILLION dollar hemorrhage bailout being used to keep AIG going.   When one is dealing in BILLIONS, what is an extra few dozen million or so?   It’s only .09% and that is hardly anything.  That’s like $0.0009 to $1.00.  Right? It’s nuthin’!!

Actually…it’s not nuthin’.  It’s a .09% smack in the face felt across the nation!  That isn’t all…this $165 million is only a portion of a larger payout reportedly valued at $450 million. But remember, these bonuses aren’t based on performance…they are contractual retention bonuses to attract “the best and the brightest”.   

Didn’t you just love that excuse?  “The best and the brightest”?  The best at what, exactly?  Driving a massive company into the ground and grinding it’s face into the pavement while checking it’s pockets for money that was borrowed from the very same people these greedy bass turds buy their groceries from, live next door too, and pump their gas?   <Irony Alert>  Seriously?!??   The same “professionals” who brought the company from trading at $64 a share to $0.64 a share??!?  I WISH our taxpayer money had gone to the Auto Workers INSTEAD!!!  It’s a baffling white collar/blue collar double standard and it reeks of greedy self-importance and a disgusting lack of regard for those to whom they should be beholden to for keeping their collective asses in the boat instead of letting them sink into the depths of corporate destruction.

And it isn’t as if AIG as a whole is evil…just a small group of truly unconscionable traders.  Are THESE “the best and brightest”?  Are these the recipients of the bonuses?  Update:  YES THEY ARE!

A better question here is, why didn’t the US Government get full disclosure from AIG before blindly handing them bundles of cash?  Did they REALLY think that a former board member from Goldman Sachs (Edward Liddy) was the right choice to head up AIG’s reconstruction effort?  CLEARLY the inmates are running the asylum here. After all, wasn’t it Barney Frank (one of our “brilliant” politicians) who gave AIG horrific amounts of money without setting the conditions before disbursement?

*head explodes*

Here’s a thought. Don’t we, the American people (since it is our $170 BILLION invested in AIG), don’t we now own about 80% of AIG? Why don’t we fire their asses and let them try to sue! I would hope the press would report every. single. detail about the lives of those stupid enough to pursue a suit.  *sigh*  In my heart, however, I KNOW the integrity of contractual agreements need to be upheld.  But come on!  You cannot tell me there isn’t an escape hatch of some kind in the fine print here!!!

CLEARLY their “best and brightest” suck at what they do…unless they were trained in hijacking financial systems and corporate thievery.  

Pissed off yet?

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  1. wonker
    March 18, 2009 at 12:52 am

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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