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PSA. Idiots who stop in store aisles.

This is a public service announcement for all those who, whilst shopping in the local mega-super-wholesale-store (on the single busiest friggin’ day of the week btw!), feel the need to STOP in the middle of the main aisle thereby BLOCKING ALL TRAFFIC until they decide it’s time to stop gawking at the 10lbs of peanut butter for $2.39 in the end cap of aisle 32! Creamy or chunky…THIS IS NOT A LIFE-ALTERING DECISION!!!

Moooooove IT!!!!

Why do you stop? Really! WHY?!? Is it that the lighting is exceptionally amazing that you must pause in order to savor it’s sickly, florescent-ness? Or, are you just stunned into immobility by the low, discount prices that surround you in every conceivable direction?

You UNbeLIevable DOUCHENOZZLE!!! Don’t you realize that my fish sticks are starting to thaw?? Seriously…I’m gonna smack that stupefied look right off your face if you don’t MOVE YOUR ASS! Geez. I would have thought by this stage of life you would have figured out that the world does NOT revolve around YOU! (It revolves around me…and my fish sticks! *smirk*)

So, either shop on Thursday mornings when no one else with a life can manage it, or just get the hell out of the way already! If you must stop, pull your cart down the dog food aisle or something and pick your nose down there and save me the trouble of popping a blood vessel while I try NOT to open that commercial size can of Whoop-Ass sitting in my cart!!!


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  1. Shelly AGain
    March 22, 2009 at 6:26 pm


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