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As in email and comment spam.

I only like Spam with mustard...I destest spam with my email and comments.

Why do spammers do it?  Who is paying these people to troll internet blogs and message boards with the sole purpose of telling people to “buy viagra!” They must know on some level that their tactics are beyond useless…I suppose though, that the 1 in 400,000 persons that is actually stupid enough to fall for it is what makes it worth it for them.  THANKS ALOT 1 STUPID PERSON IN 400,000!!!

I must take this opportunity to introduce you to 419 Scambaiter.com.  They make an art out of stringing along these spamming scammers and it is hilarious the things they get them to do.  *snicker*

To the ejits that contintue to spam my comment section…please, save yourself the trouble and just move along.  I have spam block…you ain’t getting through anyway.

You fail at life!


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  1. March 26, 2009 at 8:26 am

    Still not gettin’ through…losers.

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