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Addicted to…

Hello…my name is Kara and I am a sci-fiaholic.

No more mister nice Gaius!

I am convinced the only way to watch any series like this is via Netflix. I love Netflix: it is the end of season cliffhangers and commercials. I can watch it when I want to without interruption or, if I really feel the need to zip to the store for more Mike & Ike’s, I can pause that sucker and just go!

Watching this series was my brilliant husband’s idea and I have to say…I am pleasantly surprised by it’s depth and innovatively complicated story lines.  Of course, it does help that they turned Starbuck into a woman…named Kara (I never hear my name used in movie/tv productions of any kind…maybe that’s a good thing, but I can’t help feeling a teensy-weensy bit left out – so when a badass like Starbuck is not only turned into a woman, but also bears my name…well…what’s not to like?).

We’ve just finished with season 3…now waiting for season 4 to arrive and we’ve got season 4.5 on hold. Oh well. I guess we all need something to look forward to these days.

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  1. ScreeminMimi
    April 3, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    You will just LOVE how the series ends!!

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