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“Something Wicked”

Only when I’m in a hurry.

You know, my town is not a big town.  It’s barely even a mid-sized town.  So imagine my surprise when I head over to my favorite local restaurant to pick up lunch for me and several co-workers only to find a filming crew blocking the entire street and basically keeping me from my turkey bacon avocado croissant and caramelized onion bisque (sounds good no?  mmmmm…it was!).

I drive up and notice ‘Hey! there’s a spot right out front! SWEET!’ then it changed to a ‘Wait a minute…ALL the spots are open…what’s going on…’ then I noticed the dude in kaki shorts and Hawaiian shirt sporting a lot of id tags and a stop sign waiving traffic to the side parking lot (about half a football field’s length away from the cafe – would have been SOOOO much nicer to park right out front *pout*).  Ugh.  I pull in and walk on over but as I approach the street where filming seems to be happening there is another very nice person with a lot of id tags, a clipboard, and headphones who stops me saying, “I’m sorry, we’re filming.” So I asked him, “Well, can I still get to my restaurant?” He let me through ’cause they hadn’t actually started yet.

I get to my cafe and they tell me, “Ya…it’s a Bridget Murphy film called ‘Something Wicked’.”  I thought Bridget Murphy? Who the heck is that?  Then someone from the back hollered “BRITTANY Murphy, geez.” So now, the title of the movie makes perfect sense, lol! though ‘Something Injected’ might make better sense. ;)  (Okay…that wasn’t nice.  I just don’t understand though, why a perfectly beautiful girl like Brittany Murphy has to “enhance” herself that way…don’t make no sense to me)

So anyway…I hobble outta there with two large sacks and an ice tea (juggling is an art) and just as I’m coming out I hear, “STAND BY!” They’re getting ready to role and fortunately, the camera is facing the other way- I’m in no danger of wandering into the shot.  But I’m walking up the street and find that HEY!  I’m watching a Hollywood film being made!  And it’s kinda cool. “QUIET ON SET!”  So I slow down a bit to watch them film.  That’s when the 2nd guy with all the id tags and clipboard and headphones jumps out at me from nowhere and kinda scoots me to the side.  He did make sure I still had a good view though.  This was the scene:

Camera is set up in the middle of the street and is about three feet behind the tailgate of an old, dusty, beat up, red truck.  There is some dude covered in faux-blood (looked like Robert Blanche; I *heart* IMDB, the knower of all movie-things!) laying in front of the camera on a platform.  Director (Darin Scott) says, “Annnnnnd ACTION!” (Do they go to a special school and learn how to say that just right?  Seems like they do.)

The truck peels out, dust flies, and bloody guy throws himself in a sideways, Captain Kirk kind of roll onto the ground where he just lays there.  And twitches.  He twitched a few times.  It was very humorous.  It looked the the second half of a scene where the bloody guy gets hit by the truck and we see him as he lays on the ground and twitches while the truck rushes off into the distance.  “CUT!  We got it!”

And that was it.  I came back and Googled “Something Wicked” and honestly…looks like a POS film but I’ll probably see it anyway since I saw one of the scenes filmed in front of me.  Very cool!

P.S. I am determined to become a Hollywood actress in my old age…just like these gals.

  1. May 23, 2009 at 7:31 am

    How cool is that!

    As for the collagen, she probably injects it because when you’re too skinny you get more wrinkles! lol

    • May 25, 2009 at 9:33 am

      hehehe…that makes a lot of sense. ;)

  2. ScreeminMimi
    May 24, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    Sounds exciting. She looks great! Don’t be so catty next time, :O) Meooooow.

    • May 25, 2009 at 9:33 am

      Hey man…I call’em like I see’em.

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