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I do not fish.  Sadly, I have little interest beyond reading a book in the boat while my man fishes instead.  We’ve never had the chance to do that even.  It’s sad when life is SO busy you can’t even find yourself a boat and go read while your spouse does some fishin’.  *sigh*

ANYWAY…my daughter does fish because Mr. BluEyedDaizy is teaching her, and she loves it!  *grin*  Recently, she was able to talk me into taking her to the local ponds for some quick fishin’ in which I was assured all I would have to do was sit back, relax and just enjoy the scenery.  Instead, I found myself fighting off mosquitoes, trying to keep little girl from falling in, trying to keep myself from falling in, and I was turned into Captain Detangler as it seemed that every third or fourth cast her reel would explode into a fistful of knots.  Lol.

She only managed to catch two things:  a nearby tree branch…and this:

Great if you're a vegetarian with a proclivity for duck poo infested vegetation.

Ah…well, she is miles ahead of me at this point and if she keeps going, no doubt she’ll be reeling in some lovely rainbow trout before long.  Of course, we’ll have to go to a lake that actually HAS rainbow trout…but if you’ve ever had the opportunity to have trout that fresh, you’d think it was worth the trip too.

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