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“Would I lie to you?” (aka: Conversations with a dog)

Seriously…look at this face:

Would I lie to you?

Did I ever mention that my Lucy is a compulsive liar?

Now, would I say something that wasn't true?

Yes, yes you would Lucy and you know it.  You lie all the time!  You claim that we are being invaded on a regular basis and proceed to launch yourself, with your *BARK* on full volume, at any thump, bump, or sound that is even remotely close to a door knock…

I don't know what you're talking about.

…also that you claim no one ever feeds you…just so you can get seconds.  You know you do!

There must be something more interesting to talk about...

Not to mention the fact that if it rattles, clinks, or scrapes, CLEARLY the world is ending and you wind up in a shivering ball of shaking puppy on my lap and leaning so far into me that I have difficulty breathing.  Imagine…a fifty pound lap dog trying to crawl under your shirt, good grief!


Yes.  But since you are otherwise a most noble and admirable canine, Lucy, I don’t hold any of this against you.  You’re too durn cute.

"Thank heavens for small mercies."

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