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Like a balloon…just released, soaring into the sky only to have it’s ribbon snagged by the claws of a tree branch.  You can see the sky, waiting, calling to you…you try to escape the grasp of that thing keeping you from freedom.  Panic starts to rise…you fear you will be trapped there forever…caught between worlds – never fully freed…forever taunted by the”if only” of it all.


The feeling of standing in a glass box with no visible way of escape as you watch what you’ve built slowly crumble around you and you are helpless to fix it, to stop it, to change it.

The feeling of knowing that in just a few more weeks it will all be over and everything will be fixed, stopped, changed…but then time seems to HALT and there you are; stuck, waiting… and the vice grips crushing down.

The fear that it all may come crashing down in the final moments, that it has started to crash down already…just before we would have won it all.

Oh, if only it were September already.

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  1. July 14, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    Hang in there. Go hug Lucy and scratch her behind her ears and on her belly.

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