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You might as well be walkin’ on the sun…

The BIGGEST fallacy to living in the Pacific NW:  “You don’t need air conditioning!”

And to that I say, “BULL PUCKY!!!”

Three digit temps ARE NOT NORMAL!!!  ACK!!!!

I’m melting!  I never do well in the heat to begin with…but just…ARGH!!!!! I know in some “past life’ I must have been an Antarctic native or something because…I just cannot cope with the heat and humidity…never have been able to.  And I freckle.  Did I mention I freckle?  At the mere HINT of sunlight…I break out in freckles.  I have come to terms with that fact…but the heat…ACK!!!  I think I’ll just sleep in my refrigerator.

UPDATE 1: It is now Day 2 in “Heatwave 2009”.  I am huddled up to the heater under my desk (yes…THE HEATER) because the A/C in my office, which I needed so much of last night, is working overtime and I can practically see my breath.

Herein lies my personal paradox; I freeze my bits off during the day and melt into a puddle at night.  Not looking forward to tonight.

UPDATE 2: It is 105.5 F.  There is only one thing to say about that:

UPDATE 3: I bet they had A/C at Comic-Con.  *pout*

UPDATE 4: I think my will to live has been sucked out of the ends of my hair.  *whine*  SOOOOOOOHAAAAAAWWWT!!!!!

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