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Clearly nothing of note happened today because…

the top news story at MSNBC is all about the “Beer Summit” (which, no doubt, will shortly come to be known as “B.S. 2009”).  They even have a countdown clock because this is, after all…an historic event.

MSNBC is taking great pains in covering every aspect of this summit, including the conflict over which type of beer will be consumed as well and how could they choose foreign over domestic?!?  ESPECIALLY for such an awe inspiring occasion as this!  Samuel Adams, I’m sure,  is very put out (and probably rolling in his grave).  Poor man…didn’t get the chance to go to the White House during his lifetime…now, he won’t even get the chance as a beer.  So patently unfair.

Never mind about Lucia Whalen who was doing her civic duty and was labeled a racist for her pains (even though the transcript from the 911 call clearly reveals otherwise).  No, this day is about reconciliation.  Between a man, another man, and a president…and a vice president (what?!?  Why is Biden there??)…over a beer.  Or, three four beers as the case may be.

10 bucks says “Beer Summit” will spiral out of control and turn into BEERGATE!!  You could probably clock it with an egg-timer.

Oh yes, media elite…your integrity is still intact. *eye-roll*

UPDATE: Congratulations Sam Adams (Light)…YOU MADE THE CUT!

After much discussion about which beer would be served, Obama chose a Bud Light, Biden went with Buckler, Gates had a Sam Adams Light, and Crowley chose a Blue Moon.

Sorry Miller…sucks to be you!! :P

  1. July 30, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    Earlier reports said that Gates would have a Red Stripe. I guess he reconsidered and decided that particular selection would reveal a bit to much about his (and PrezBO’s) character.

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