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Followup: “Beer Summit 2009”

Let’s examine for a moment how this all came about.

[RANT ALERT] Now, this is a sticking point with me because if a Driver’s License isn’t enough proof, what is?  If Crowley was ticked that Gates didn’t follow his directions to step out onto the porch – tough! Legally (under Massachusetts law) and especially after proving he was in fact the resident of the premises, Gates was well within his legal right to stay put.  It should have ended RIGHT THERE with a “Thank you Mr. Gates. {insert brief explanation} You’re lucky you have such caring neighbors…have a nice day!”  [/RANT ALERT]

Such is American politics.  Now…where’d I leave my salt and limes…

P.S.  There’s never an egg-timer when you need one. Now…when do I get my 10 bucks?

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