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Walking your dog at twilight is a very surreal experience.  The light is all wrong…drenched in yellow, then in pink – a light that kind of surrounds you and is almost tangible.  It’s just before the street lights come on but it’s still a little too dark to make things out in the distance.

I was sitting with Lucy in the local elementary school field as I watched the sunset tonight.  She was oblivious to what I was seeing, but then, I’m quite sure I was oblivious to what she was smelling (her nose didn’t stop twitching for a second!).  The clouds were all piled up on top of each other above us and as the sun began to set, it’s light reached up and set them on fire, which bathed my world in the aforementioned colors of yellow and then pink.

After starring at those beautiful storm clouds for a while, I woke up to the fact that I was quite stupidly sitting in the middle of a field, which is exactly where you DON’T want to be as thunderclouds are rolling in.  So…we walked back home.

Would it be too cliche’ to mention the beautiful rainbow that we saw on the way?  Probably.  Happy evening to you.

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