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VMA’s here we come…

I only have one question about the upcoming VMA’s and it’s almost as shallow as the VMA’s themselves:

  1. Will Robert Pattinson seriously be wearing his hair like this?

Photo Credit: kathpt - twitpic

(I don’t think I’ve ever been torn in so many different critiquing  directions before!!  I’m positively giddy! *big evil grin*)

  • Ahhh… spiky goodness…a.k.a. the perfect weapon for warding off crazy-ass fanpires.
  • He’s gonna need more than a one seat buffer to keep from putting someone’s eye out!
  • I bet you could fit a cozy little condo in that “do” of his.  Well, maybe not an entire condo, but a nice little two-room flat at least!
  • Good to know that the hair-styling industry is being supported in these tough economic times…of course, looks like that can be credited entirely to Robert Pattinson.
  • Dude, you are just one step away from becoming Phyllis Diller. I am totally serious.

Also, looks like Gerard Butler will be sitting next to…Katy Perry?  THAT ought to be interesting.  Hope Butler manages to escape unmolested…or, should Katy be the one worrying about that?  Either way, they both should keep one eye on Pink even though she’s in front of them (ya…just look at that cheeky grin of hers…you just know she’s an instigator)!  LOL!

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