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ACORN Part II…a.k.a. Tip of the Iceberg

Investigate Now!

Just in case you think the “Baltimore incident” was an isolated one…you really owe it to yourself to watch the following:

Washington, DC ACORN Video: Child Prostitution Investigation

by James O’Keefe

And then, we drove down to DC…

“DC incident” videos this way…

So clever to only release the first set of videos and let ACORN respond with the expected “it was just one office, just a couple of bad employees”.  Wonder what they will say now?


MAJOR kudos to Jeff O’Keefe and his team!  I wonder how many other videos you’ve got waiting in the wings…

Sidenote: It would appear that ACORN removed their office locations from their website and any contact information.  *scratches head*  Now, I wonder what would make them do that?!? Don’t worry though, there donations page is still up and running!  They still want your money, they just don’t want you to be able to “find them” anymore. ;)  I wonder what their accounting books look like…

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