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9/12: From someone who was there.

From a message board I frequent:


….and let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE!!! I have never felt SO proud to be an American as I was standing in that sea of people on the west lawn of the the Capitol on Saturday! Everyone was so upbeat, positive, enthusiastic. The love of Country and of fellow American’s was palpable.

I was STUNNED by the turn out! I believe the organizers and the DC and Capitol police were as well! I’ve heard differing estimates, from “tens of thousands” up to 2 million people…I can tell you that it was most definitely at least HALF a MILLION! The city was shut down around the mall. The marchers stretched nearly a mile down Pennsylvania Ave. Once they reached the Capitol, tens of thousands of us had already packed in there, and there was no where for them to go. The organizers did not have a permit for the Mall, but eventually people had to pour onto the mall anyway.

There were people of every race, religion, age and occupation there. The speakers were black and white, doctors, SAHM’s, entertainers, politicians (Jim DeMint and Mike Pence – both phenomenal) some news contributors, a coal miner from my home state of OH, a pastor, and grassroots organizers.

We met and talked with the nicest people from all over – Minnesota, TX, AZ, MI, IN, CT, MA.

The most moving moment for me, was when an elderly gentleman walked up beside DH and I. He slowly lowered himself to the ground, looked like he was in distress. I dug in my backback and handed him my extra bottle of water. DH asked him if he needed help. He said no, that he only has one lung, so he can only walk so far before he has to rest. He was in his 80’s, and DH learned that he was a vet, of Korea I believe. He had his handmade sign, and was there alone, to fight once again for the country that he loves – to have his voice heard one more time. After he rested, we helped him up, and he continued with is cane and his sign, working his way closer to the front of the crowd. I never saw him again, but that will always stick with me.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Attendees were angry about the expanding size of government, but also exceedingly polite about their anger. It would be hard to find a crowd of 75,000-plus that was more courteous. Many were not just retired, but retired specifically from the work of defending the country: So many veterans were in attendance that it almost seemed a U.S. military reunion.

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