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And more ACORN…damning videos just keep dropping.

ACORN, your time is very limited.

Baltimore, MD; Washington D.C.; Brooklyn, NY; and now San Bernadino, CA.  Still the mainstream media is silent.

The Census Bureau fires themthe Senate votes 83-7 to cut funds, the GOP steps up the action with a demand to cut all federal funding of ACORN and urge a probe into ACORN’s ethics. I’m truly puzzled.  NBC, ABC, and CBS spends time quoting Pres. Obama for calling Kanye West a “jack-ass” for his douche-a-riffic interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s, but can’t spare even a 30 second spot on their nightly news broadcasts for this?!?  WTH??!  There is nothing mainstream about today’s media.  (P.S. Audio of Pres. Obama on Kanye – right here – thank you PhillyD)

Now, onto the California video…

I presume Part II will be following shortly…

Who is training these ACORN representatives to advise their clients?  How deep does this rabbit hole go?  I know!  Let’s have a RICO investigation and find out.

I do have one question for James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.  Exactly how many offices did you attempt this sting at?

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