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Welcome to “As the Oak Tree Turns”

Here are some scenes from the San Diego episode:

New ACORN video: The San Diego sting


I’ve been waiting 45 minutes for Big Government to post the new clip but it looks like this is the best we’ll do for now. Fifty-eight seconds long and it looks like we’ve got (a) a conspiracy to smuggle underaged sex slaves across the border and (b) a kinda sorta proposition to Hannah Giles. Full clip to come, if/when it’s posted.

You’re all modern-day McCarthyites for watching this. You know that, right?

Videos after the jump...

Click here to see VIDEO from Hot Air.com

Video also aired on Hannity tonight:

UPDATED 17SEP2009 to add the videos themselves:

Holy shizzzzzzzzzzzzz!  Seriously, any response less than “I’m sorry, we ARE here to assist you, but within the confines of the law” is unacceptable!!  One incident is bad.  Two, possibly a coincidence. BUT FIVE SEPARATE ACORN OFFICES GIVING THE SAME KIND OF ILLEGAL ADVICE?!??  That’s no coincidence, it’s symptomatic of an ethics breakdown on a grand scale.

ACORN offered advice on tax evasion and hiding child prostitution, which was nefarious enough. In San Diego, the ACORN staffer wanted a piece of the action. Is this a normal way for ACORN to raise funds?

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