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Let’s play a game of “What’s wrong with this picture?”:

Ahhhh…l’amore.  Captured in timeless black and white.  They only have eyes for each other.  Romance is in the air.

Where's the theme to "Jaws" when you need it.

But wait!! O_o  What is this?!?  Some portend of doom looming in the background?  Some evil lurking just up the street, bearing down on them with the sole intend of crushing their love?  How could this happen!!

Let’s examine the possible inner dialog of the photographer just moments before this shot was taken:  

Okay, good lighting… I love these old streets of ‘Frisco, makes me want some Rice-A-Roni…now, where’d I put my wide angle lens…got it… “Okay now just grab her hand and…” [cellphone rings:  “Before He Cheats” ringtone] “Okay, one second guys!  I should take this, I’ll be just a sec…” [turns around and answers in agitated whisper] “What!  I told you not to call me. [pause] No I meant it. [pause] What do you mean I ‘can’t break up with’ you in a text message!? WATCH ME, ASSHAT!!!” [disconnects call, opens texting]

Message: u crushd my soul. I h8 u. S dat clr nuf 4 yr bozo brain 2 gt? dnt 911 evr agn!

*ugh* “Sorry! Okay…now, why don’t you two hold hands and…” [scans the street, sees trolley up the road] “Ya…why don’t you two casually walk across the street…right here…” who the hell does he think he is…jackhole! “Now…wait a second…” I hate him so much…I wish he’d get hit by a train or something…”now, look at each other as you’re casually strolling together…smile…you’re just starting out in life, everything is perfect!” until he sleeps with your best friend…“Now…wait…” [lines up shot with trolley in background bearing down on them] “GOT IT!  Perfect shot!!!!”

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