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She’s still waggin’.

Subdued, but still waggin'.

Following up from this post.  :)

She’s uncomfortable though.  Every now and then she will whimper, and she has difficulty finding a comfortable position to lay in.  She’s taken to frequent heavy sighs.  So, I called her vet this afternoon and got some stronger pain meds for her.  She’s been a lot more relaxed and content ever since.

This afternoon, Robert and I met Officer Smyth with the Animal Control Division of our Local P.D. She’s a spunky young woman of about 5’2″ with a lovely and intimidating uniform, clipboard, and billy-club.  Lucy loved her instantly…but then she loves almost everyone instantly, being a lover not a fighter.  Officer Smyth took our written complaint, we gave her the vet bill and photographs of Lucy’s injuries which makes for a pretty clear cut case in Lucy’s favor.  I said, “Don’t worry Lucy, Officer Smyth is your legal advocate!”  She doesn’t understand what a legal advocate is but she wagged anyway.

Then Officer Smyth smiled as she explained what was going to happen next.  Seems there are stiffer penalties since we live in the county, not within the city limits.  She said (with glee I might add) that she will be writing a citation in the amount of $472.00 for each dog since they each took a couple of bites out of our sweet girl.  That’s $944.00 to start.  Next, she informs us that a judge would also impose restitution, i.e. vet bill reimbursement in full.  Since we aren’t finished with the vet bills, we don’t have a full amount yet…but this jack hole is looking down the throat of $1,000+ in fines and restitution.  Heh.

We were also assured by a neighbor that collecting said restitution shouldn’t be too difficult as we could go straight to their home owners insurance to collect.  Sweet.  She further said that she would be the one presenting the dogs’ owner with the bill and citations and we would probably never have to see them at all.  Double bonus!

All in all, I think everyone here is over the initial shock, and Lucy is definitely on the mend.  The bad dog owner will be punished and Robert is looking into canine mace and will be fully prepared for any future incidents that might occur.

Ain’t no dog gonna use my girl as a chew toy again! >:(

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  1. ScreeminMimi
    October 3, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    If they go to court, you plan to be there? Did you retain the original vet bill?

    Most important, does Lucy know how much she is Loved? scratch that, SHE KNOWS!! ;O)

    Thank you for the update, we have been wanting to phone, reluctant to disturb. Phone home when you get a minute and give that big girl an even Bigger hug from her family up north!!

    • October 4, 2009 at 7:40 am

      We retained the originals of everything. Gave the officer copies of the photos and vet bill for her records and also for her to give to the other dog owner so he can see for himself what his stupid dogs did.

      We will definitely be in court if we are needed.

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