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Tonight…The Wedding!!

Jim, Pam…it’s been a long road. And yeah, I know you’re only fictional characters and all, but I have to say, it’s great to see you two finally getting hitched.  Your wedding will probably be bigger than Luke & Laura’s (egads…I remember that!! O_o)…though, not as big as the wedding of Lady Di, but she had the distinct advantage of being an actual person.  ;)

[picapp src=”c/3/d/2/The_Office_Wedding_4c25.jpg?adImageId=4879850&imageId=6127913″ width=”300″ height=”438″ /]

You’ve gotten a much happier ending than the original Office (Tim and Dawn, British original version) but they generally seem a rather pessimistic lot anyway so their ending made sense. It is alluded that Tim and Dawn may wind up together but, that is left up to the minds of the audience.

We Americans LOVE to live in ubber-sugar-coated-unreality. Blatant happy endings rule.  *grin* It gives us all kinds of warm fuzzies and in today’s climate of political demolition and economical implosion I fully welcome ubber-sugar-coated-unreality. Oddly enough, it’s keepin’ me sane.

Let’s travel down memory lane, shall we? Then after that, we can discuss my script idea for “The Office”!

Well that was fabulous. And I’m looking forward to the one hour special tonight. OH! Here’s the script idea I mentioned…

The Office: Episode – “Conspiracy Theory Fair”

Dwight invites the office to visit his booth at the Conspiracy Theory Fair. Somehow beets are the answer to everything or something and this explains his beet farm (I think we let Rainn Wilson run with this…no doubt he can script it on the fly).

Jim & Pam go just for kicks. Pam meets a woman with Sarah Palin hair passing out fliers on her theory which states that earthlings are the victims of organ harvesting which in her mind explains both missing persons and alien abductions – we find out that Pam actually believes this one. For realsies. Jim starts to wonder about the other things he doesn’t know about Pam. He’ll ask her something like “So, do you put your worn out shoes on the table for the leprechauns to fix too?” to which Pam will reply “They aren’t leprechauns…they’re elves.”

We watch Michael’s head “explode” as he tries to combine every single conspiracy theory into one ULTIMATE theory that explains it all.

Not sure about the rest of the cast…but I do see a pretty big confession from Creed. Like, him starting at least three of the major conspiracies currently circulating and them being loosely based on actual fact. Yeah…Creed’s kinda mysterious and creepy like that. Did you know his actual name is Creed? Well, at least that’s how he’s credited.

Kevin will probably walk around saying things like “I believe that.” “That makes perfect sense.” Then he looks at the camera with a big grin and says “They give you a brownie every time you agree with them.”

And there you have it! So, if in the near future you see an episode like this one, you’ll know they have contacted me and loved my idea and know I’m a paid writer for The Office! Or…they loved my idea and stole it. Either way…you saw it here first. ;) Ciao’!

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